Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently-asked questions concerning South Seas Broadcasting...

Q: Who owns South Seas Broadcasting?

A: South Seas Broadcasting is an American Samoa corporation owned by Larry Fuss, Smitty Lutu, Joey Cummings and Kirk Harnack.

Q: How can my business advertise on 9KHJ, V103 or Island Television?

A: Call us at 684-633-7793 or CLICK HERE to e-mail us. Advertising is an economical way to generate more sales at your place of business.

Q: My church is having a bake sale. Can you announce it on-air for us?

A: Our stations provide a limited number of free Public Service Announcements for qualified non-profit organizations. If you are engaged in a not-for-profit event and are not paying to advertise in any other media, you may qualify for free announcements. See "PSAs" (on the menu bar above) for more details.

Q: I play in a band. How can we get our songs played on the radio?

A: If the music is Samoan or Polynesian, we'd love to hear it. Drop a CD by the station. If we like it, chances are we'll play it on V103.  93KHJ only plays songs from the U.S. "Hot AC" and "Top 40" charts.

Q: How do I get to be a DJ?

A: It's not as easy as you think. Having a good voice helps, but it's also necessary to have a fun personality and the ability to relate with people. Unlike the "old days", there are very few live DJs spinning records, so the job opportunities are limited. But, if you think you have what it takes, send us your resume. (See "Careers/EEO" on the menu bar at left).

Q: Where is South Seas Broadcasting located?

A: Our studio facilities are in Pago Plaza.  Our transmitting facilities are atop Mt. Oletele, overlooking Tafuna.; and Mt. Alava, overlooking Pago Harbor.